Hi!  Welcome to “The Sage Soapbox,” I am Misty Gregg.

I started this business because I was always on my soapbox!!!

My professional background is that I hold a BS in English from Radford University.  I worked in business management and accounting positions, then owned a bookkeeping, payroll, staffing business for several years before I became passionate about good health.

Personally, David and I have been married since 1991 and we are blessed beyond measure to be the parents of Zach and Callie…our favorite people in the universe!

After a number of health issues, I decided to take my health in my own hands and began my research in 1997.  The things I learned along the way were staggering and I felt called to share this information to help people make more informed decisions about the products we use and the food we eat.  I am forever the student and I learn something new every day.  Hopefully you will share your story and health tips with me too!

So, here’s my story…from 1997 to 2001 I was in persistent pain and the doctors could not give me a firm diagnosis.  I was told I had the following:  TMJ, Carpool Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Inner Ear infection, Asthma, Allergies, Depression, possibly MS and/or Cancer.  I saw many doctors (General Practitioner, Physical Therapist, Neurologist, ENT, Chiropractor, Ob-Gyn and a Surgeon) and each offered an additional medication to help with the pain, though no one offered a solution to my problem.  I felt like I was going CRAZY, because I could tell these medical professionals did not believe me!

My arms, wrists, hips and legs were constantly aching.  I wore braces on my wrists for over four years and slept with a pillow between my legs because the pain was unbearable if the weight of one leg rested on the other.    I wore the braces all day and night, but I could never wrap them tight enough to make the pain go away.     Zach and Callie were young and I could not lift them.  When I did, the pain would not go away for days.

Our primary care doctor was sick of seeing me, because I just kept coming back, looking for answers and I wanted the pain to go away.  It was the first time since Zach was born that I got to be a stay-at-home mom and I wanted to do all kinds of fun things with them, but I felt so bad.  The doctor sent me to a physical therapist for weeks of treatment and at the end, I felt the exact same as when I began the treatment.  Then, the doctor thought I had bone cancer in my right hip and the x-rays came back negative.  That was frightening with two young children.  Next, he diagnosed me with Carpool Tunnel and Tennis Elbow (which I thought was funny, if you saw how I play tennis!  Ha-ha!) and his solution was surgery.  I was not going to have surgery, because I had heard of many cases where the pain came back…this makes perfect sense to me now.   (I explain in the Fibromyalgia program)

Then something happened, in 2001 my primary care physician moved away and I was assigned a new doctor who had just moved to the area.  He took one look at my thick chart, ran some simples tests and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia!  This was great!  I read about it and learned that is was not life-threatening, so I was extremely grateful!

We were living in Pennsylvania at the time and the neighbor lady across the street told me she had gotten great results for her fibromyalgia symptoms by using nutritional supplements.  I was intrigued by this and researched everything I could regarding:  vitamins, minerals, natural whole foods, purified water, exercise and sleep.  I learned my diet was a huge part of the problem.

This is what my diet consisted of at the time:  No breakfast, diet drinks (chemicals), few vegetables, few fruits, very little protein, fast foods (Trans fats and hormones) and restaurants (foods loaded with sugar, salt and cooked in butter)

I decided to modify my diet and keep a record of any changes I recognized.  I made two changes at the beginning (1) I began each day with a protein shake and (2) I took high quality nutritional supplements.  Within two weeks I was able to take the wrist brace off my left arm and within a month I no longer needed the braces at all.  Then I decided I was going to get off all the medications.  With my doctor’s supervision, I came off of all meds within four months and that was in 2002!  I made other dietary changes that help me stay health and I am glad to share them with you.

Just when I thought I had this health thing figured out, BAM!  In late 2003, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and after having a craniotomy, I was at a business meeting and a guy said to me, “You better be careful about what type of shampoo you use.”  I asked why and he told me that what goes on your skin goes in your bloodstream!  Yikes, well this REALLY matters to me, because I have a little divot on the left side of my head, large enough to set golf ball in it!!!  The neurosurgeon put me back together as well as possible, but I don’t want any chemicals going in my head and bloodstream.  I started thinking about the shampoo I used.  Was it safe?  I began examining other products my family used and I wanted to know if they were PROVEN to be safe.  Well, what I found out was that many personal care products had questionable ingredients in them and numerous products had never been tested for toxicity!  This was true for the household cleaning products as well.  I started telling my friends and family about what I was learning and I shared information about safer alternatives I found.  I felt like I was always on my soapbox about these issues.  I found an elite line of products for home and health with third party validation and over a 100 studies in peer-reviewed journals.  I have used these products since 2002 and began marketing them so thereafter.

My mission is to help people discover a holistic approach to health and give them the tools to design a healthier body through nutrition and lifestyle.  I offer a variety of health related programs to help people find simple solutions to living a quality life.  These healthy changes also lessen our footprint on the earth.

To Your Good Health!