My People

My boyfriend on bikes at Hilton Head!

Riding bikes at Hilton Head!

David has been my boyfriend since September 8, 1989, but who’s counting?!?!  That’s the day we met and we’ve been together since.  He’s the best father ever.  There are many things I love about him and one of the greatest gifts he has given me was to teach me to relax a little and enjoy life.

David loves the outdoors and you would most likely find him on one of his bikes: road bike, mountain bike or the motorcycle.  He’s got an amazing garden that feeds the neighborhood.

We are about to be “empty-nesters” so we’ll keep you posted on how that goes.   :/

Zach's senior poster!

Zach’s senior poster!

Zach is our first born and he brings so much joy to our lives.  He showed up here a little early (he was born 5.5 weeks premature.)   He came in this world a fighter and within 10 days he was able to leave the hospital and come home.  Zach’s has always been an “old soul” extremely mature, thoughtful and focused.  He’s goal oriented and self-driven.  I love that he goes to the beat of his own drum.

Zach is a Biology major at Mars Hill University, in beautiful Mars Hill, NC.  After he graduates from MHU, he plans to continue his education with a MS in Sports Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic.  Zach plays lacrosse(#3) at MHU and we are his biggest fans!  We (David, Callie and I) go to all his games, near and far.  We absolutely love seeing both our children play lacrosse.

This is Callie's senior poster from then to now!

Callie’s senior poster!

Callie is our baby and she fills our home with laughter.  She has a huge heart and she’s going to save the children of the world, one at a time!  She’s a confident young lady and she wants to right the wrongs in life.  Callie is a born leader and she’s going to touch many lives, as a teacher, coach, counselor or therapist.

She will begin her journey in the fall when she will be a freshman at Radford University in Radford, Virginia.  Callie played for the first ever HVHS Ladies Lacrosse team, which was great fun for her senior year.   As she said when she was little, “ I’m a tough gurl!” … and she is!  We are looking forward to cheering her on when she plays Club Lacrosse at RU.